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Online Keno is perhaps the world’s oldest lottery game. It originated in China, was rediscovered and further developed in the United States and then made its way to Europe. It is one of the safest casino online keno games that anyone can play from the first spin. You’ve probably already seen a keno replay on TV where the balls roll out and show a number. You have to dot a number of the right numbers to win money. So it’s all down to chance.

Keno Quick Facts

Online Keno games
  • A game that anyone can get into on the first play.
  • Higher chance of winning than TV keno.
  • Perfect format for mobile!
  • This is what online keno is all about.

Keno originated as early as 200 BC in China when a Chinese warlord needed finances to go to war. When the villagers no longer wanted to give money for another war, he decided to start a lottery where you could choose from 80 Chinese characters Online Keno. The game quickly became popular and was then called “The White Dove Game” because the Keno results were spread to the villages with doves. It was an economic success and there was even money left over which the warlord spent on building the Great Wall of China.

It spread to the West when Chinese immigrants came to the US and spread the game further. Chinese characters were replaced with numbers and figures and since then it has retained its shape to what we see today. Today, you buy a keno lottery ticket with either predetermined numbers and figures, or you can choose them yourself. Online Keno on TV has a set time when the actual draw takes place, while on the internet you can choose to play whenever you want.

Smart keno play

We like to say that a smart player wins more, so it’s a good idea to read up as much as you can on this game before you start betting your money on it. To keep in mind with keno betting is that the house edge is 30%. This is very high compared to other casino games. If you buy an “exacta” ticket, you will have a greater chance of winning because you can use the same ticket for two draws in a row. If you want to look for as big a jackpot as possible, it’s wise to look for those keno lottery tickets whose jackpot is shared between other online casinos, making it progressively bigger and bigger until someone wins all or pieces of it. Just don’t forget to have fun while you play, and good luck to you!

Choose numbers: play keno online

Online Keno!

We now continue our guide on playing keno by looking at how to choose numbers. Because are there any numbers that pay more if you want to play keno online? First of all, we can say that if you choose to play keno online, you are completely free to choose which numbers you want in the game. When playing keno for real money, you can choose your shoe number, lucky number, address or whatever you want! Others choose to play keno and create certain patterns on the game board. When you choose to play keno for real money, it’s entirely up to you – and you can also just go by chance. Of course, many online keno casinos also have a random number feature. 

Choosing your bet: keno casinos online

If you are going to play keno for real money, it is of course also important to know how much it costs to participate in the game. There are several different forms of keno casinos online. In keno casinos, the bet per line is usually predetermined. Often it costs 10 kr/line to play keno – but there are of course lower and higher stakes. How much you have a chance to win by playing keno depends of course on how much you have chosen to bet.

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