6 Tips for betting on eSports and winning money

betting on eSports

The history of betting is surely as old as the first esports tournament, dating back to 1972, when Stanford students competed in Spacewar.

Back then, thousands of people didn’t watch these competitions offline and they certainly weren’t streamed live on Twitch and other video streaming platforms.

The bookies were just a few guys chosen by other gaming fans, not online bookies that we are used to dealing with these days.

However, in just a few decades, esports betting has evolved into a full-fledged industry, with countless online esports betting websites, regulatory authorities and a large army of avid punters.

To make money in esports betting, it takes a bit of luck, a bit of courage, and a lot of common sense and skill.

In addition, taking some esports betting tips can help you get off to a good start.

Check out the tips for newcomers. Even long-time players will find some very useful tips!

It is always a good idea to bet only on games that you know how to play yourself.

Instead, pick one or two games, learn the history of the most popular teams. You can follow one or two popular teams so that you are always aware of what is happening in major competitions and in the industry in general.

Before betting on a team’s victory, you may want to check their history with this specific opponent

Typically, the best esports teams have a long history of competing against each other, and it won’t take you long to find the necessary data and make your own opinion on the possible outcome of the match.

In the meantime, you might like one team or player more than the others.

One thing to keep in mind when researching is that it is better to trust numbers and facts than someone else’s biased opinion.

Choose a credible betting platform

eSports team

Once you have done enough research, you may feel very excited about placing your first bet on esports.

Making a deposit on the first esports betting website you visit is a bad idea.

Do some shopping around first, check their licenses, look for reviews, check out other promotions they offer.

And take the time to read the fine print, the terms and conditions section.

Pay special attention to the list of restricted countries and withdrawal policies.

This process takes a while, but making sure you have chosen one of the best and safest esports betting websites can save you a lot of headaches and money.

Start small

No matter how confident you feel when you have just learned so much, we recommend that you place small bets at first.

This is the time when you can experiment with different types of bets, learn how the odds change over time, test your own betting strategies, go through the process of withdrawing your first winnings.

And once you have gathered a nice sum in your account, you can withdraw a part of it and place bigger bets with the remaining amount.

Beware of long odds


You might be tempted to bet on the team with the longest odds – all teams have basically the same chances, so why not bet on a team that brings me the biggest profit?

However, taking your chances with long odds is a good idea only if you have enough experience in both gambling and betting.

Otherwise, you’re just letting your money slip into the pockets of other bettors.

Knowing when to stop

Once you lose on a bet, try switching to another type of bet or take a break. This is not a good time to increase your bets.

Sure, you can find a wide range of betting strategies on the web telling you to try to increase your bets right after losing once or twice or even three times in a row, but do you want to check if they work by losing all the money in your account?

The esports games you’re betting on require skill and experience, and the outcome of a match doesn’t depend on a random number generator like online casino games, so why take the risk?

Make it pay off

Making sure bets is a good thing to start with or for a change or just to feel good after a loss, but always sticking to such bets is really a waste of time.

So now after reading this esports article you can take your time to do the necessary research.

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